The farm

A beautiful sheep and cattle farm surrounds the vineyard and olive groves on the grounds of The Tower. We are proud to say that our farm is 100% Permaculture run. We integrate the land, resources, people and environment, ensuring we are working with, rather than against, nature. Other edible produce is also grown on the estate, including organic olive products, asparagus, figs and rhubarb.

Our family culture is another aspect we pride ourselves on. There are often picking and group farming days, where anyone is welcome to come along and help us pick the olives or figs, and experience passata making with our farm grown tomatoes. 

We also encourage visitors to come and experience regional Australia, whilst learning about our Permaculture farm and getting hands-on involvement. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about the Permaculture way and get to experience many different aspects of how the farm works.  

Tower in Landscape
Asparagus Harvest
Fat Lambs
Grape Pruners